VTM: Endless Night

A Vampire the Masquerade RPG set six months after Gehenna. Some Kindred were left standing, but rebuilding their shattered society is the least of their problems....
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 Kindred after Gehenna

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PostSubject: Kindred after Gehenna   Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:06 pm

Gehenna and the Withering had a marked effect on the Cainite race well beyond just the hordes who suffered Final Death during those forty days. Entire clans and bloodlines disappeared from existence in little more than a month, and those that were left standing were faced with not only the question of why they had survived where so many others had not, but what to do now that the apocalypse had come and gone.

Kindred now occupy three distinct categories: original Kindred who were Embraced before Gehenna and survived the Withering, new breed Kindred who were either Embraced during Gehenna by an old breed sire or by a new breed vampire afterwards, and the post-Gehenna progeny of old breed Kindred.

Original Old Breed Kindred:

These are vampires who before Gehenna were among the 8th-14th generations and mostly 300 years old or less (the oldest confirmed surviving vampire is Beckett). They are virtually unchanged with the following exceptions: their Beasts were weakened slightly by Gehenna making it a little easier to resist frenzy, and their blood no longer thins when they sire; making the concept of 'generation' irrelevant aside from a cultural pride in one's lineage.

* They retain their clan flaw, but some of them can be 'treated' (Malkavian derangements and Nosferatu deformities in particular) via the use of the Katharos discipline.

* Like their new breed descendants, they gain more life-like traits if they rise in humanity, but at a slower rate. Reflexive breathing at humanity 8, Fluid consumption and increased skin sensitivity at humanity 9. The other human-like perks are not attained by original Kindred unless they reach humanity 10.

* Original Kindred are capable of learning the new clans' signature disciplines (if they find someone willing to teach them) with the following caveat: A vampire cannot possess both Obtenebration and Aduro.

Note on Diablerie: The entire concept of generation/steps from Caine seems to have been brought to an end entirely with the advent of Gehenna, and since the goal of diablerie was to lower a vampire's generation...there you have it. A vampire can still be killed in this manner of course, but their soul simply departs their body at Final Death- its no longer possible for it to be consumed by the diablerist. Because of that, rather than a lowered generation, a diablerist gains either an extra level in one of their disciplines, or the first level in a discipline the Kindred they killed knew. This does have consequences however; the black veins of diablerie still shows up in their aura, and the deliberate murder of another vampire simply in order to gain power automatically results in a lost humanity point.

There's also the fact that with most of their population decimated during Gehenna, other Kindred probably won't regard a discovered Diablerist very kindly...

Post-Gehenna Old Breed Progeny:

Fledglings Embraced by old breed sires in the months after Gehenna are the same breed of Kindred, but they universally lack the original flaw of their clan. Instead, it rapidly became noticed that progeny sired after Wormwood's disappearance had developed a new flaw, which is now becoming accepted as the clan's modern curse to replace the one borne by their Pre-Gehenna brethren. (This will be listed in the clan information post).

New Breed Kindred:

These strange neonates were, for the most part, Embraced during the Withering by old breed sires. Though created in the same manner as any other Kindred and undeniably vampires, they are nonetheless different enough from their ancestors as to be classified as a new breed. The most blatant difference between old breed and new is that new breed Kindred completely lack the Beast that plagues the unlives of every other Cainite.

They must still feed on blood in order to survive and accordingly possess the blood thirst that comes with their nature, but there is no inner force capable of completely over-ruling their conscious thought. Thus members of the new clans are not capable of either frenzy or rötschreck. If they go too long without blood they simply starve; gradually suffering a Withering-like weakening of their disciplines and finally their strength until they eventually go into torpor.

 From the very moment of their Embrace they remain far more life-like than their forebears. Though like original kindred they don't require oxygen to survive they retain breathing as an automatic reflex. Their skin is cool rather than cold to the touch, and it becomes slightly warm after feeding. Feeding itself brings other benefits, and a vampire thus infused with fresh blood is able to take actual pleasure in sensations other than feeding. Although not able to hold down solid food, they are capable of drinking liquids other than blood. This and their other physical traits allows them to blend in more easily among humans.

As the new breed vampires rise in humanity they become even more human-like.

New Breed Kindred Humanity level changes:

7: Reflexive breathing, cool rather than cold skin. Skin becomes slightly warm after feeding and after feeding the vampire gains more human-like sensitivity in their body allowing them to take pleasure from things other than blood (we're all adults so we know what I'm referring to here). Kindred can drink liquids other than blood.

8: Vampire retains the heightened skin sensitivity without having to feed first, but they still need blood in order to warm their skin.

9: Vampire gains the ability to eat and enjoy solid food again. They derive no nourishment from it but it is broken down and absorbed into their body rather than having to be vomited up at a later time as by original Kindred with the eat food merit. Their flesh also regains a bit of their mortal color though they are still paler than normal.

10: Normal tears return, their flesh is near-mortal in color and retains a slight warmth regardless of feeding status, and hair and nails begin growing again (albeit at a much slower than human rate). There is also a (very rare) chance of a male vampire at this stage fathering children. Any such child is purely human. It might be possible for a female vampire at humanity 10 to conceive a child, but the pregnancy would be incredibly hard to carry to term without help (such as regular applications of the level 5 power of the Katharos discipline).

* Although they have no automatic clan flaw, they are punished far more severely if they drop in humanity. New breed Kindred gain a flaw for every level they drop in humanity, beginning at humanity 6. The first flaw gained is unique to their lineage (see new clan information post), but the others are identical, and makes them far easier to be detected (and destroyed) by hunters.

* They grow stronger as they age, and so the concept of generation doesn't even exist for them.

* Their blood retains the addictive quality of normal vampire vitae, with one key difference: although they are still perfectly capable of creating and maintaining ghouls, they cannot form blood bonds no matter how many times their blood is consumed by an individual.
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Kindred after Gehenna
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