VTM: Endless Night

A Vampire the Masquerade RPG set six months after Gehenna. Some Kindred were left standing, but rebuilding their shattered society is the least of their problems....
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 Themes and Possible Story Hooks

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PostSubject: Themes and Possible Story Hooks   Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:38 am

Some possible themes (or motives, if you prefer) players are free to make use of:


Its probable that a large number of Kindred who survived Gehenna have been laying low since the Withering ended- either from fear that the phenomenon would begin anew and wipe the rest of them out, or that mortals (Hunters, specifically) would take the tapes of Camarilla members who `came out' (these, like the footage of the Tzimisce antediluvian, were quickly suppressed) at face value and be driven to track down the remaining vampires and finish what Gehenna started.

Six months would've been considered virtually a blink of the eye for the elder Kindred, but the majority of them suffered Final Death during the Withering. And for the younger vampires who remain, it's long enough to tentatively assume the worst is over.

Vampires who have spent those months in hiding might not have even had any contact with other Kindred at all and might be ignorant to the post-Gehenna changes that were wrought in their kind.


All surviving vampire clans who came out on the other side of Gehenna suffered staggering losses in their population during the Withering, and even clans who retained the largest portion of survivors (Toreador, Brujah, Gangrel) are still at a fraction of their former numbers. Both the Camarilla and Sabbat (but especially the Sabbat) have had their foundations shaken to the core with their leadership turned to ash in the Gehenna winds. The reason for the Sabbat's entire existence, the end of the dreaded clan founders, has been accomplished, so what do they do now? Likewise, though there are far more surviving Camarilla vampires, the shadowy ancients who once oversaw the jyhad are likewise dust: creating a giant vacuum of power within the organization. Camarilla characters now are faced with a choice of their own...rebuild and try to revive the Ivory Tower, or reconstruct it into something new. Anarch characters might want to take advantage of the weakened sects to put their dreams for vampire society into motion.

And then there's the strange new breed Kindred. Only six months old at most, they might soon be prompted to start seeking out other vampires like them. And once they have, what path might they choose to take? Will they attempt to reconcile with their progenitors and join one of the old factions, or will they oppose them; seeing themselves as the true future of vampire-kind and creating an entirely new sect accordingly?


Despite signs of still-lingering divine disapproval, the fact that some Kindred survived Gehenna at all could give even the most fatalistic survivor some hope for their future (which could in turn tie in to the recruitment theme).

Other vampires might regard the traits of the new Kindred as a sign of potential grace- of a chance to remain Kindred but be a less monstrous form of Kindred at the same time. Individuals like these could be the old breed Kindred who see the new ones as a good thing and might spur them to seek them out; not to destroy them, but to protect them...seeing in them the possibility of a better future for all vampires.

Original kindred vs new breed

This has been touched upon, but its very likely that there are quite a few vampires among the Gehenna veterans who are pissed that some childer sired during the Withering didn't turn out properly, or that post-Gehenna progeny escape the ancient flaw of their clan. Some may simply run these `defective' fledglings off, others may react with more brutality.

Others may take it even further- regarding the members of these young, still developing bloodlines as a threat to the continued survival of the original clans if allowed to spread. After all, the members of the new breed are perfectly willing and able to sire childer of their own (and some are probably already eagerly doing so). So the paranoia of the new bloodlines `out-breeding' them could be a concern for any original Kindred who might view their descendants as a potential menace that needs to be stamped out.

Beyond just numbers and new disciplines though, there's also the fundamental differences between old and new breed Kindred. The new breed of vampires don't even possess a Beast, so in many ways simply understanding each other is a difficult prospect for the two different breeds.
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Themes and Possible Story Hooks
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