Vampire the Masquerade: Endless Night

A Vampire the Masquerade RPG set in modern day in the fictional metropolis of December City, Virginia.
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 Megara Bryson (Mortal)

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Megara Bryson (Mortal) 10151354_10100302470029872_7876303749708546807_n


Name: Megara Bryson

Nickname: Meg

Age: 26

Humanity: 7

Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Caregiver

Occupation: Club Owner/Singer


Height: 5'4

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Green

Build: Petite

General appearance: A delicate, almost frail-looking woman of average height and slender build, Meg has fair, almost pale skin; giving the impression of long hours spent indoors. Her black hair is long and curly, falling to her upper back when loose. Her eyes are a deep shade of green. She tends to dress in long skirts and frilly blouses when at work, and in slacks and button-up shirts for everywhere else. Jewelry is usually simple and under-stated, preferring silver with a Celtic motif. Both her ears are pierced once and she has a tattoo on the back of her left shoulder of a Celtic knot work tree of life done in purple and black.



Strength: 1
Dexterity: 3


Charisma: 4
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 4


Perception: 4
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 2



Alertness: 3
Awareness: 4
Empathy:  3
Expression: 3
Leadership: 2


Animal Ken: 2
Craft:  3
Drive:  1
Etiquette: 2
Performance: 3


Academics: 3
Computer: 2
Finance: 2
Medicine: 1



Biokinesis:  5

Power Explanation: Biokinetic. Biokinesis is the power to manipulate living cells with a touch. She can use this ability to heal, damage or alter. It also gives her an inborn type of natural radar. She can `feel' the bodies of living things- allowing her to detect old injuries, illnesses, etc. She can kill with her power (though she hasn't really developed this aspect of her power and it tends to only emerge when she's afraid or threatened), as well as regenerate severed limbs, eyes, etc. She can even rejuvenate cells-essentially making people or animals young again. But the more intense the changes she makes, the longer it takes her and the more strength it takes from her.

Limitations and Drawbacks: She cannot bring the dead back to life, and since her power only works on living cells, it has no effect on vampires, nor on herself at the moment (whether training could eventually change this is unknown). She also must touch skin to skin in order to use it.  Also, like most powerful psychics, Meg pays a price for her abilities, and in her case, she pays it with interest. She has a frail body, as if her power is barely contained and places it under constant stress. She falls ill easily, and gets exhausted after engaging in a level of physical activity that most people would hardly blink an eye at. Even something as simple as running is a daunting task for the young woman, and if she does so for more than a few minutes at a time, she places herself at risk of collapse just as she does when she overexerts herself through the use of her power (healing minor illness/injury is easy for her, but something major like regenerating a severed limb would probably make her collapse afterwards).


Fame: 2
Resources: 3


Conscience/Conviction: 4
Self-control/Instinct: 3
Courage: 3
Willpower: 5

Merits & Flaws:


Unbondable (5)
Nightclub (2)


Languages known: English

Likes: Singing, tea, animals, crafting, children, gardening, Asian food, music, theater, history

Dislikes: Smokers, rude people, onions, thunderstorms

General personality: Very much the queen of the castle, and The Black Rose is her castle. To patrons she is gracious, charming, and accommodating. To friends, employees, and loved ones she is gentle, loving, and very loyal and protective. A natural peacemaker and mother-hen, she tries her best to moderate arguments and other disturbances, but when push comes to shove, she isn't afraid to throw her weight around, or do what she deems is necessary to protect what she sees as hers. She despises deliberate or needless cruelty, and especially hates bigots and bullies.

Weaknesses: Has a soft spot for children and animals, and can be short-tempered if she sees one being hurt or threatened...which can in turn drive her to take reckless actions.

Quirks: Is afraid of thunderstorms, knows the soundtrack to at least seven musicals by heart and adores green tea flavored anything.

Purpose of the character: Eventually to expand her business into a second location, and a better car wouldn't hurt.

Character quote or motto: "The road to success is always under construction."


Growing up in Forest City, North Carolina, powers aside Megara had a fairly normal childhood. With a very reserved, religious mother and a father who was smart enough to divorce his wife before their daughter was twelve, Meg was a physically frail, quiet child who spent most of her time reading or playing in the woods surrounding their house; her mother kept oblivious from the more extraordinary qualities of her daughter; whose odd abilities first surfaced when she was five years old and found a bird that had flown into the kitchen window.

 As she grew older she was forced to develop her power in private and through a process of trial and error. Ultimately becoming disgusted by her mother's narrow-minded views, she went to college and got a double degree in Business and Music with an eye for eventually opening her own club. She lived for a time after college in North Carolina and through a combination of saving up money, a generous inheritance from her grandfather and taking out a sizeable loan she finally raised enough money to put her business plan into motion. Rather than opening up her planned club in her home state, however, she turned her eye to Virginia, December City in particular.

  She made the move two years ago and purchased the building that would eventually become her Victorian/Gothic themed nightclub, The Black Rose. The club is fairly popular and has a good reputation, and she lives in the small apartment on the second floor.

Freebie Point Breakdown:

Biokinesis 5 (14)
Unbondable merit (5)
Nightclub (2)
Awareness 4 (2)
Alertness 3 (2)
drive 1 (2)
Performance 3 (2)
Academics 3 (2)
Finance 2 (2)
Computer 2 (2)
Medicine 1 (2)
Willpower 3 (3)
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Megara Bryson (Mortal)
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