Vampire the Masquerade: Endless Night

A Vampire the Masquerade RPG set in modern day in the fictional metropolis of December City, Virginia.
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 Detailed Discipline Overview

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PostSubject: Detailed Discipline Overview   Detailed Discipline Overview EmptyFri Jun 22, 2018 3:48 pm

Note- Since this is a character and story-driven, writing-based RPG, the disciplines of potence, celerity and fortitude are only mentioned as to what they, in general, do for the vampire who possesses them. Special exemptions aside such as a dispute over the use of a character's powers/skills, a fight, or humanity loss roll, we don't use dice rolls, and so the original game mechanics of celerity providing extra actions per turn, fortitude adding dice to soak damage, etc, don’t really mesh with this style of RPG.


* Feral Speech - Speak telepathically with an animal whose eyes you meet.

** Beckoning - Summon animals of a particular type, species to you.

*** Song of Serenity - Soothe a creature, making them docile. Mostly used to calm a fellow Kindred's Beast (and avoid a Frenzy), but also to shut down their drive.

**** Subsume the Spirit - Possess the body of an animal and acts through him. The Vampire enters torpor while his spirit is in the animal's body. It's harder to get the animal act against its instincts.

***** Drawing Out the Beast - When about to frenzy send your Beast into another person, who frenzies instead of you.


* Heightened Senses - Raise one of your five senses to superhuman levels.

** Aura Perception - By watching someone's aura, you can learn their kind (human, kindred, mage, werewolf...), some qualities (has committed Diablerie..), and their current state of mind (angry, jealous, happy, innocent, lying...) by the color.

*** The Spirit's Touch - By touching an object, you can feel it's psychic residues, giving you a glance of its previous owner, or the owner who used it the most.

**** Telepathy - Briefly probe someone's mind or project a telepathic message to them

***** Psychic Projection - Free your mind to travel the world in astral form, as your body enters torpor. Careful not to get lost, as a fine frail string is the only tie to your body.


Supernatural speed, quickness, and reflexes.


* Passion- Amplify or dull some or all emotions present in the target.

** The Haunting- You give hallucinations to a target for a certain time, in which he'll seem to see something; to hear something behind him, but nothing's there, which causes the victim to kind of lose it. The Malkavian can only choose what sense is affected, but he doesn't control the content of the hallucination itself.

*** Eyes of Chaos- Gain insight into the nature of something through seemingly random patterns.

**** Confusion- The victim of this power feels disoriented, out of his place, not being able to perform a single coherent action, during either a couple of turns or all night, according to the Malkavian's power, his Willpower, and if he wants a shorter effect, but also according to the Target's willpower, and his nature.

***** Total Insanity- Give someone five temporary derangements.


* Command- Give a simple order of one or two words that a target must obey right now. Run, scream, sleep, go away, laugh.

** Mesmerize- You can implant false thoughts or hypnotic suggestions in a target's mind.

*** The Forgetful Mind- This allows you to erase or change the memories of the target.

**** Conditioning- Over time make a target a slave to your will only. This power basically makes a target easier to manipulate for you, and harder to other kindred, and eye contact begins to be not necessary anymore.

***** Possession- Transfer your mind into a mortal body and control their actions.


Supernatural toughness, physically resilience, and stamina.


* Folderol- Determine whether a statement was a lie

** Fae Sight- Sense any form of magic unrelated to ghosts and undead

*** Aura Absorption- Remove the resonance from an object

**** Chanjelin Ward- Place symbols that confuse and disorient people

***** Riddle Phantastique- Speak riddles that make people do nothing but sit and ponder it


Note- For a character that possesses this discipline, pick either the sepulcher or the bone path.

Sepulcher path

• Insight- See the last sights of a dead body through its eyes.

•• Summon Soul- Calls forth a Wraith (ghost).

••• Compel Soul- Allows the vampire to issue commands to ghosts.

•••• Haunting- Binds a wraith to a particular location or item.

••••• Torment- Allows a necromancer to strike at wraiths physically without entering the Shadowlands.

Bone path

• Tremens- Makes the flesh of a corpse shift once

•• Apprentice's Brooms- Allows the dead to rise and perform simple functions like lifting a heavy box.

••• Shambling Hordes- Allows the dead to rise and perform attacks.

•••• Soul Stealing- Remove one soul from its body.

••••• Daemonic Possession- Place a soul in a fresh corpse.


* Cloak of Shadows - Remain hidden so long as you do not move, while using a little bit of your environment as a base (a piece of wood fence is enough, you'll magically be "as thin as the post" and remain "hidden" under it)

** Unseen Presence- Become invisible to others so long as you do not attract attention, you may move slowly. If there are many people moving, if you do not move, people will "avoid you" and not walk on your feet.

*** Mask of a Thousand Faces- Change your appearance to mimic someone else, or create a new identity (this one is harder)

**** Vanish from the Mind's Eye- Disappear right from in front of someone, even in conversation. The person will just forget about what was going on, as if they were just day dreaming.

***** Cloak the Gathering- Extend your Obfuscate powers to others.


• Shadow Play- Move and shape the natural shadows around you

•• Shroud of Night- Blanket an area in a cloud of unnatural shadow that obscures light, sound, and heat

••• Arms of the Abyss- Summon black tentacles from the shadows to assist you

•••• Black Metamorphosis- Encase your body in nightmarish armor and grow black tentacles from your sides

••••• Tenebrous Form- Transform into pure shadow that can only be harmed by fire, sunlight, or magic


Supernatural physical strength.


* Awe- Make your words seem interesting and reasonable to those who hear you, to make heads turn when you pass, to be the only one glowing, to be noticed.

** Dread Gaze- Frighten someone with eye contact. The target may run in fear, stand there without being able to act, or laugh with his nerves, depending on the Nature of the Target.

*** Entrancement- Make someone obsessively want to please you, to be by your side, to approve of whatever you say.

**** Summon- Compel someone, anyone you know to come to you immediately, without being conscious of it.

***** Majesty- Appear as a figure of absolute power and authority, bows, obey, respect, and admire.


* Eyes of the Beast - A Gangrel gets very red, bright eyes that allow him to see in complete, true dark

** Feral Claws- the Gangrel controls the beast within him enough to allow him to grow claws that do aggravated damage

*** Earth Meld- A Gangrel using this power can blend himself into the Earth, where he can rest and go through the day. This only works where there is earth (woods, parks, a garden).

**** Shape of the Beast- the Gangrel transforms into either a four legged predator (usually a wolf) or a flying predator (usually a bat...).

***** Mist Form- Transform into a cloud of mist, allowing the Gangrel to go through fences, pipes, and become immaterial.


* Silence of Death: Make the area around you completely silent

** Scorpion's Touch: Create a contact poison that greatly debilitates a victim physically

*** Dagon's Call: Cause harm from afar to a person who you have touched within the last hour

**** Baal's Caress: Create a poison that can be coated on weapons to make them more dangerous

***** Taste of Death: Spit acidic blood at a target


* The Eyes of the Serpent: Immobilize someone with your gaze

** The Tongue of the Asp: Grow a extended tongue that serves as a weapon

*** Skin of the Adder: Grow hardened monstrous skin that protects you

**** The Form of the Cobra: Transform into a large venomous snake

***** The Heart of Darkness: Remove your heart from your body, making you immune to staking

Thaumaturgy: (I'll assume most characters will have Path of Blood, if you want another path, or if your character is old enough to have more than one, check with me first)

* A Taste For Blood: Gather a variety of information from a blood sample

** Blood Rage: Force a target to expend their vitae to raise Attributes

*** Blood of Potency: Temporarily lower your Generation

**** Theft of Vitae: Steal blood from a target at a distance

***** Cauldron of Blood: Cause a victim's blood to burn them from within


• Malleable Visage- This allows the vampire to alter his own body features.

•• Fleshcraft- Allows the vampire to perform drastic alterations to the flesh of other creatures.

••• Bonecraft- like Fleshcraft except the vampire can now work with bone.

•••• Horrid Form- Also known as the "warform" or "Zulo form", this ability allows the vampire to become a hideous monster.

••••• Bloodform- With this the vampire can change all or part of his body into sentient vitae.


* Skin of the Chameleon- Blend into your surroundings

** Scry the Hearthstone- Know where individuals are located within a structure

*** Bond with the Mountain- Partially merge into stone or cement

**** Armor of Terra- Harden your skin to absorb damage much more easily

***** Flow Within the Mountain- Pass through stone or cement
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Detailed Discipline Overview
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