VTM: Endless Night

A Vampire the Masquerade RPG set six months after Gehenna. Some Kindred were left standing, but rebuilding their shattered society is the least of their problems....
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 Mio Kurosawa

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PostSubject: Mio Kurosawa   Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:25 pm

Name: Mio Kurosawa

Age: 22

Humanity: 7

Nature: Reluctant supernatural

Demeanor: Waif

Clan: Darsana

Affiliation: Independent

Height: 5' 0"

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Build: Small but athletic

General appearance: Mio is small for her age and has thin hair that only just reaches her shoulders. The only jewelry she wears is one she simply cannot be without but it is a necklace in the shape of a butterfly, red and sparkling.

Languages known:
Japanese, English and some Chinese

Mio has a small flat on top of a sushi restaurant that is owned by her benefactress Himuro-sama. Himuro-sama was an old friend of Mio's uncle and when he decided a change of scenery would do her good, he asked Himuro-sama to look after her. When Mio's.. biological state changed, it didn't take Himuro-sama long to notice, she and her daughters kept loyal to the girl however, helping her in every way she could. A favour Mio later repaid by ghouling Himuro-sama once she was diagnosed with gastric cancer and could not afford treatment. (Herd: Himuro's 2 daughters, ghoul: Himuro-sama)

Disciplines: Auspex: 2, Obfuscate: 1, Manteis: 3

Likes: Loyalty, running, fantasy

Dislikes: Magic, ghost stories.

General personality: Kind and caring, but troubled and often confused

Weaknesses: Insecurity, Bouts of intense depression, looks very skinny.

Merits: Loyalty, Medium, Natural precognition,

Flaws: Flashbacks, Nightmares,

Quirks: Can not be without her butterfly pendant, but fears butterflies, particularly red ones. Is a natural at folklore, folk history and occult but won't discuss it.

Purpose: Seek forgiveness.

Background: Mio spent a year in a mental institution in Japan after her sister dies. The body was never recovered and Mio knew it wouldn't be. She couldn't discuss it either, she couldn't tell people about the ghost that had possessed her, she couldn't tell them she could still feel her sister's neck snap beneath her fingers even though it wasn't her controlling them. Her uncle had insisted a change of scenery would do her good, but it wasn't helping. She had promised her sister she would always take care of her, ever since the accident when they were five, but she had failed. She had even suggested they study folklore and that was what had caused them to be there in the first place. She didn't need a change of scenery, she needed a new life.
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Mio Kurosawa
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