VTM: Endless Night

A Vampire the Masquerade RPG set six months after Gehenna. Some Kindred were left standing, but rebuilding their shattered society is the least of their problems....
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 Eva Johnson

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PostSubject: Eva Johnson   Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:38 am

Name: Eva Johnson

Age: 37 (looks 28)

Humanity: 7

Nature: Scientist

Demeanor: Architect

Generation: N/A

Clan: Nornir

Affiliation: none by now

Occupation: biologist/biology teacher; recently restricted to teaching night classes at a community college, to her chagrin


Height: 5'3

Hair color: Dark blond

Eye color: hazel

Build: on the thin side of average

General appearance: With her small frame and simple choice of clothing, Eva rarely stands out. She’s cute in the way a younger girl could be and she isn’t used to give much thought to her look in general. After her Embrace, however, and remembering how most vampires tended to find their blood, she sometimes tries to dress up for the purpose of hunting by seduction. Indeed, her attempts are often kind of pathetic, but as she is a non-ugly female humanoid they’re still good enough not to leave her starved.

*Skills and powers*

Languages known: English, Spanish, she tried to study Klingon once but she gave up

General skills: Eva can swim and drive; she also knows basic first aid from field trips. While not a fighter by inclination nor especially skilled, she has a better training that one would expect by seeing her, since her sire (literally) beat its importance into her head. She has of course advanced knowledge of biology and science in general, a good education overall - and discrete computer skills that were the origin of her doom.

Resources: A two-rooms apartment and a small red car that has seen better days. She made a better income when she didn't have hourly restrictions (sigh), but she still has more than enough to get by.

Disciplines: Tempus 3, Celerity 1, Potence 1


Likes: science; science fiction; indie music; anime; pointless arguments on the internet (although she will never, ever admit it)

Dislikes: vampire movies; logical fallacies; rednecks; Jar Jar Binks and what he represents

General personality: Eva used to be a reserved but friendly person; her service as a ghoul, however, forced her into a comparative and unwanted isolation, beside leaving her scarred in several ways. Having regained her freedom, she’s much willing to reconnect with the world at large, although her first approach tends to be as awkward as it’s eager. She’s much more confident in a professional setting or anyway when she has a task and purpose for what she’s doing. A fiercely rational person, despite her prolonged contact with the supernatural she still tries to find something resembling a logical explanation for what she sees.

Weaknesses: she's very nervous when the topic of creationism is approached, because she can't deal with the fact -those people- weren't wrong after all.

Merits: Time sense (a benefit of her extensive Tempus self-training)

Flaws: Shy

Quirks: (anything else that makes your character unique)

Purpose of the character: In the very long term, pursuing a scientific revolution that can comprehend the realm of the supernatural; more concretely, seeking if there are other kindred like her (and, indeed, if there are many other kindred at all) and finding a system of unlife that’s less twisted than the one she had seen indirectly in the Camarilla. She would also love to use her skills to make stale blood edible, had she the chance to find a source of it.

Background: Eva grew up in a small town of Mississippi. She was somehow a solitary kid, more fascinated by the plants and insects that she observed roaming around the fields than interested in playing with other girls and dressing up dolls. Such attitude gained her a reputation as a weirdo among her peers and their families. Growing up, she decided to reward them with equal spite - even once adult and away from home, she was prone to snarky rants -not free from exaggerations- on how her hometown was a nest of the most despicable redneck stereotypes.

Both for natural inclination and due to a slightly contrarian disposition, she grew up to be a fervid skeptic and rationalist, which led to more than some fight with her family as a teenager - although not as dramatic as she liked to describe them. Meanwhile, her early curiosity for nature developed in a more mature interest for science, a passion that she pursued with a joyful determination.

Her years as a student and the beginning of her academic career were the happiest of her life: not only she was dedicating herself to her topics of interests, but she was surrounded by like-minded people, with whom she opened up much more than she had ever expected. Then, of course, things changed.

Her fatal mistake, if we can call it like that, was accepting to hold computer lessons “for dummies” at a late hour… and there her future Domitor and Sire entered the scene. Finding it hard to keep up with modern technology, and by far too impatient to learn, the Brujah decided to ghoul Eva so that she could help him with the hurdles of that pesky “modernity”.

Nowadays, Eva is ashamed to confess the devotion she felt for him: the power of his blood made her perceive his bravados as admirable and even his violence as something she ultimately deserved. She, indeed, felt she had to be even a better servant, to gain his praise and her own safety. Meanwhile, she hadn’t entirely abandoned her career, but its importance had been greatly reduced, since now her Domitor was the center of her life.

As for vampirism, ghouldom, and of any of the other phenomena she witnessed, she refused them to consider them technically “supernatural”; indeed, she assumed that if they existed they must had been somehow a part of nature, a phenomenon bound to be explained. When Gehenna happened, fearing for her life wasn’t her main shock, nor was her Embrace: having to face the actual existence of a God, and His intervention in the course of events, was what more than anything else blew her mind.

Her Domitor, meanwhile, had other worries that conciliating faith and reason. Seeing the destruction of so many of his clansmates, he decided it was the right moment to increase their numbers, so he went ahead and Embraced his Ghoul. After that, he had little time to teach her the ways of the Kindred. When Final Death took him, he had barely had the chance to be puzzled by her unexpected even temper and had got no way to witness her ability to impact the flow of time, much beyond the possibilities of Celerity.

When the havoc was over and Eva found herself alone and left to her own devices, experimenting with that unseen ability was one of her pursues… but indeed, she had also plenty of other concerns, from organizing the practical aspects of her new existence, to coming to terms with what she had witnessed, to getting used to freedom again: once the blood bond was severed she could think clearly as she had forgotten it was even possible; she could see her Sire for what he had been and herself in the pitiful role she had played. She can’t say she’s really over it, she suspects she’ll never be completely, but then only future will tell.
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Eva Johnson
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