VTM: Endless Night

A Vampire the Masquerade RPG set six months after Gehenna. Some Kindred were left standing, but rebuilding their shattered society is the least of their problems....
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 Samantha Abel

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Kindred Character Profile


Name:  Samantha Abel

Nicknames over her lifetime:  Girl #6, The Nun, Popstar

Age:  131/looks 24 *fleshcrafted*

Humanity:  5

Nature:  Praise-Seeker

Demeanor:  Optimist

Generation:  9th

Clan:  Tzimisce (pre Gehenna Cainite)

Affiliation:  Sabbat, current rank of Ductus.

Occupation:  Silent partner of Miami's Vice

Concept:  'Fiendish' leader (who's not all that bad)


Height:  5'7

Hair color:  Blonde

Eye color:  Dark Blue

Build:  Fit & slender

General appearance: Samantha's current form of choice is that of young Caucasian woman with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes.  Naturally, she is very attractive... having researched standard beauty trends and 'borrowed' physical traits from all sorts of celebrities (past & present).  Samantha looks to be outwardly natural, but her sculpted form hides a few Tzimisce embellishments.  Her weight distribution has been reset to enable increased balance, secret muscles help to give her feet & legs extra 'horse power', and she even has a 'smugglers compartment' in her lower torso to hide small items.  Samantha tends to favor clubbing attire, flowing hair, and minimal 'bling'... with some attention given to eyeshadow, ear rings, & nail varnish.  Of course when she's going into battle or other situations of intrigue, its braided hair & street clothing all the way... with accessories of the sharp or 9mm variety.

*Skills and powers*

Languages known:  English, Latin, passable French & Spanish.

General skills;  Swimming, athletics, academics, driving (automatic & manual vehicles), basic 'handyman' skills, basic financial skills, basic computer literacy, self taught political experience, animal handling experience.

Expertly skilled in the use of Bodycrafts (and medical knowledge relating to that field), Social skills (empathy, deception,  intimidation, etiquette, & expression), Performance skills (relating to singing, dancing, oration, acting, and impersonation),

Highly skilled in firearms training, various melee weapons (stakes, bats, axes, knives, etc), unarmed combat (street fighting mostly), stealth/security/survival techniques, & leadership abilities (from pack tactics to instruction techniques)... as well as good knowledge of the Occult and medicine.

Area Knowledge of a half dozen locations (including Atlanta & Miami).

Samantha also has the following 'Sabbat' skills/knowledge:   Sect rituals as a former Pack Priest (all Auctoritas Ritae & most Ignoblis Ritae), fire dancing, Sabbat lore (excellent knowledge of Sect practices & minor knowledge of secret groups like the Black Hand/Inquisition), Camarilla lore (pertaining to the Traditions, Masquerade, & titled positions), Anarch lore ('very' basic notions of titled positions).

Resources: A nightclub called Miami's Vice (see merit), unmarked white delivery van with a varied amount of fake business stickers, bank accounts linked to a few aliases, an assorted supply of cash & contraband (earned from the pack's activities and profits from Miami's Vice), several pouches and containers of 'native soil'.

Social Assets: Various nightclub & local gang contacts, a NRA gun enthusiast (ally), nightclub manager of Miami's Vice (ally), a ghouled bouncer (with some hidden Vicissitude modifications), two ghouled 'parents' for Samantha's future Revenant family, one longtime packmate 'Hank', four pack 'recruits' sired after Gehenna.

Hank Wilson, pack member of Liberty '45 is a Nosferatu Antitribu who was a fireman in life.  His true appearance is a leather-skinned bald man with a face like melted wax, discolored skin, and a slight hunch.  Clothing of choice tends to be Levi jeans, tank tops, workman's boots, and a hoodie style jacket.  Hank is a loyal and professional Cainite, although he is wily and a good judge of character.  He's also a hard sonofabitch and a little cruel.  Hank is a skilled skulker (like most of his clan), but he's good in a fight, great with dogs, and can fix just about anything with basic tools.  He has a respect for firemen and sometimes likes to socialize with them (under an alias)... naturally his favorite movie is Backdraft.  While not a gifted speaker, Hank can give decent Sabbat sermons (like a sports coach inspiring his players).  Hank knows the basic Auctoritas Ritae (and is learning more every month as he transitions into his new role as Pack Priest).

Samantha's Disciplines:  Animalism 1, Auspex 3, Vicissitude 4, Celerity 1, Fortitude 2, Dominate 1, Presence 1,


Likes:  Music & dance, run & gun action movies, newspapers & fashion magazines, talking to cats (they are sooo amusingly arrogant).

Dislikes:  Loners, commercials/radio jocks talking over music, queuing, snooty rich people.

General personality:  Samantha is a social creature, limited only by Sect duty... and even that has significantly lessened with the Sabat's decimation.  She's always had a keen sense for opportunity and a great imagination, which has contributed to her success as a Ductus.  In dealing with others, Samantha is careful with those she doesn't know... but her adaptable nature can acquire friends and associates without too much trouble.  While some Tzimisce are burdened by their heritage, Sam isn't... she's never met any relative beyond her sire and feels no commitment to old Slavic customs half a world away.  That's not to say that 'all' Tzimisce customs and practices are unimportant... she just cherry picks the ones she likes and ignores the rest.  Samantha isn't without her flaws... she lacks the daring of a gambler, abandons goals if they don't sustain her interest, and probably is more cautious of the authorities than she should be.

Weaknesses:  A superstitious unease of gargoyle like statues... (in case they are real!).

Historical Clan Flaw: The Tzimisce are inextricably tied to their domains of origin, and must rest in the proximity of at least two handfuls of “native soil” — earth from a place important to her as a mortal, such as the soil from her birthplace or where she underwent her Embrace.

Merits:  Nightclub called "Miami's Vice"

Formerly a bankrupted strip club, the nightclub has undergone major renovations to become Liberty '45s communal haven (and a nice little income stream as well).  Samantha also finds it a great place to enjoy music & dance in a controlled environment.  The Cainite features of the club include panic rooms in the basement to safely sleep away the day, vault doors, increased structural integrity, and secret passages into the old Nossie tunnels.  Downstairs it is practically a bunker.  Upstairs, the nightclub hosts all the usual amenities... a bar, dance floor, DJ booth, VIP area, etc.  And in keeping with the club's sordid past as a strip joint, some of the dancing poles still remain (for flavor's sake).  Memorabilia is plastered on the walls that 'celebrate' all sorts of Miami based scandals.  The club's staff 'uniform' generally consists of pale hued open jackets with suit pants (ie a Don Johnson theme for the gentlemen)... and whatever works for the ladies.  There is always some sort of scandal embroiling Miami's Vice... but with 90% of it purposely manufactured for advertising value, the media barely blinks at 'odd situations' anymore.  Even the public tends to scoff at the tall tales surrounding the nightclub... its just a fun place in their minds.

Flaws:  None.

Quirks:  Samantha likes to supplement most activities with some form of music... reading, traveling, waiting, social interactions, etc.  Only when she is undercover or involved in 'serious business' does she go without (and you can bet Sam will put on something musical after its all over).

Purpose of the character:  To secure 'turf' in which to rally/rebuild the Sabbat... and to deal with the other factions on a case by case basis.  For herself, Samantha wants to experience a wealthy lifestyle, meddle in the music scene, and create a Revenant family in her own image.

Character quote or motto:  Can we get some music playing in here?

Known Reputation:  She's a Tzimisce and therefore people tend to assume the worst of her.  Oddly Samantha doesn't have any 'known' deeds relating to grotesque torture, outrageous Masquerade breaches, or bizarre killings.  Instead she is known for a few cunning deeds (to her enemies) and known for her youthful upbeat demeanor (by her allies).  Samantha's earliest reported presence among the Sabbat was back in the 1930's, although its possible she might be older than that.  She's also changed her appearance at least two times during her unlife, further complicating the task of those who would research her.  Miami & Atlanta seem to be where Sam's impact has been mostly felt.  While her pack's infiltration of the Atlantian Nosferatu was a surprising deed, it was not Samantha's only one.  On one occasion she escaped capture by taking the place of a bystander.  And back in Miami, her pack created a fake Setite temple and picked off a surprising number of cultists... until the Setites were able to warn off their flock.

Samantha just doesn't talk about her origins... too many years have passed since her evolution and various style 'reinventions'.  She doesn't even give her former a life a moment of introspection, so little is its current relevance...

Beginnings 1901-1921
She was born in 1901 under the name of Clara Milton, the only daughter of a very religious family.  Clara spent most of her life living under the shadow of her strict father, fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing.  One of the few things she was permitted to do (which didn't come under domestic chores) was to sing in the church choir... and that gave her a small degree of enjoyment.  Eventually she was married off to a member of the church (Maxwell Morris) who was nearly ten years her senior.  And so began another scramble to please a different person... not an easy task.  Max wasn't 'too' abusive, but he felt frustrated that his faith couldn't overcome his many shortcomings.  Their marriage was only a year old when Clara was abducted for a Sabbat recruitment drive.  She and two dozen others were slain at a graveyard and reborn as vampires.

Boot Camp 1921-1932
After the horrifying and dehumanizing experience of being buried, assaulted, and made to kill others... she was now under the thrall of a new group, far worse than her father or husband.  Clara became known as 'Girl #6', unworthy of a real name until she had proved herself.  But after a life of submission, she craved something different... and so Girl #6 made a clean break from her past and threw herself into her duties with wild abandonment.  And such focus was very important, as the Sabbat was still locked in its Second Civil War.  Girl #6 learned to fight, kill, and maim (initially enjoying all of these new sensations).  Doubts about the Pack sermons were quickly beaten out of her... and she came to 'believe' after seeing that the rituals actually bestowed miracles (something she'd never seen from her church).  Girl #6 continued to learn more of her gifts and linger around the Pack Priest, trying to learn what he knew.  She braved punishment and disfigurements, but the priest ('Father Julius') grew tired of that and instead put her to work.  Girl #6 proved to be an apt pupil.

Graduation 1932-1940
 Eventually Girl #6, Boy #3, and Boy #7 were raised up to become proper members of the pack.  Boy #3 reclaimed his old name (Jeremy) and appearance, Boy #7 took on the monicker 'Hunter', and Girl #6 took on the new name Samantha (also using the surname Abel to mock her past).  She hardly looked like her old self, but that wasn't enough for Sam... she crafted a whole new appearance (that of a redheaded matron with religious trappings).  Samantha became Father Julius's assistant and with his guidance, she practiced on the new recruits.  A few years later, the Civil War eventually came to a close after seven decades of destructive conflict.  Samantha began to explore the rest of the sect, interacting with other packs and even meeting Lasombra (who were no longer the 'enemy').  Given that Sam's original pack (and many other packs) were too large for peacetime, the city bishops instituted a splitting of the packs... and encouragement for some of those to depart the city.  Jeremy, Hunter, & Sam were given the newest members in which to form a separate pack.  All three wished to lead, but Samantha saw the wisdom in assuming the role of Priest.  Much to her chagrin, Jeremy bested Hunter to become the pack Ductus.  The new pack was titled the "Kings of Old" and Jeremy chose to hit the road and find them some glory elsewhere.

The Open Road 1940-1945
Over the next couple of years, Jeremy drew the pack into as many confrontations as he could (one of the few things he was good at, in Sam's opinion).  There was a needless feud with another nomadic pack which cost them a few members and nothing to show from it.  Not satisfied with that, Jeremy decided that a victory against the 'ancestral enemy' would enhance his reputation... so he planned a raid on Tremere holdings.  But he failed to do his homework and the pack came up against heavily armed ghouls and even some fearsome gargoyles.  Samantha almost lost her unlife to one of the stone monstrosities when it tried to drop her down a furnace chimney.  The decimated pack retreated without a single Tremere scalp.  Of course Jeremy blamed the pack... and after recruiting more expendable foot soldiers, he tried again... with predictable results.  Other failures continued to follow and the pack started to look at Samantha to 'do something'.  Emboldened by their support and blood ties, Samantha finally challenged Jeremy to Monomancy for leadership of the pack.  The two fiends dueled as soon as a neutral arbitrator could be found.  As the challenged party, Jeremy set the contest to take advantage of his strengths (blindfolds and knives) and Samantha set the location in an abattoir (where she believed Jeremy might lose control).  It was a brutal and ugly fight to the death, but Samantha kept a calm head... and ultimately prevailed.

A New Home 1945-1982
Now that she was the Ductus, Samantha felt it was time to make changes.  She renamed the pack to Liberty '45 (commemorating the outcome and date of her Monomancy), took in non Tzimsce Cainites to create more diversity, decided to cease the nomadic lifestyle, and to undergo her own personal rebirth (casting aside religious trappings and an austere appearance for something more beatific and inspiring).  Samantha led the pack to 'backwards' Florida, sensing that it had potential and a Setite problem that would help hone the pack into a formidable unit.  She paid respects to the other packs of the region and lent her aid to the Bishops of Miami.  Subtlety, cunning, and preparation were the hallmarks of her leadership style.  The 'Libertarians' (as others tended to call them, with 45ers also being used on occasion) set about rooting out the Setites... starting with infiltration and traps.  Samantha could have taken a series of quick victories, but she was looking to make a lasting impact.  Setite boltholes were noted, agents turned into spies, and business fronts came under the pack's surveillance.  The less intrigue experienced Libertarians trained for war and studied Setite tactics.  Samantha slowly closed the noose on the 'snakes' and after a long shadow war... the Setites were sent packing.  Liberty '45 wasn't about to let them come back either, taking over their operations and assets.  The pack grew affluent from their gains and over the years threw back all sorts of Setite invaders.  Samantha took the opportunity to learn a bit of Spanish and French, make advancements in her bodycrafting skills, and to party hard.  She delighted in the rise of rock and roll, the disco clubs, and the ever increasing evolution of music... but dance became her hobby of choice.

Expansionism 1982-1999
As MTV hit televisions, Samantha's pack began to grow restless.  So she started to send spies out of Miami to gather information on Florida's Camarilla neighbors.  When reports of lax security filtered back to her, Samantha took half the pack on a road trip into Georgia (in disguise) by masquerading as a pop band.  The 'tour' was a great success, allowing them to set up supply caches, safe houses, and to better learn the transportation system.  But what really made Sam happy was the band's entry into 1988's local music charts (admittedly it was at #97) with the single 'Rockin the Room'.  It really was fifteen minutes of fame (and tied to their disguises).  Eventually the Archbishop of Miami began to put out a call for a crusade... and Liberty '45 was encouraged to participate.  From the onset, Sam got the impression that a really big operation was in progress... given that it was led by a trio of Archbishops, backed by European allies, and attended by countless nomadic packs.  She even got to witness the legendary Sascha Vykos in action.  Liberty '45 was tasked with infiltrating Atlanta and passing back information to the main attack force.  There were a few close calls, but in the end Samantha and her pack were able to reach Atlanta unscathed.  Fearful of Nosferatu discovery, Samantha sent in her own Nosferatu Antitribu (Hank) to contact the Camarilla Nosferatu, one at a time (with the pack ambushing those hapless individuals and taking their identities).  It gave them good access to the city and resulted in very accurate intel being sent to the approaching Sabbat.  By the time the remaining Nosferatu learned of the deception, the siege of Atlanta was already underway...

Gains Reversed 1999-2004
Liberty '45 occupied Atlanta during the East Coast Offensive that claimed other cities such as Washington DC and Baltimore.  Samantha directed her packmates to dismantle the Atlantian Camarilla networks... that meant hunting down former ghouls & mortal pawns, along with the occasional 'accidental' destruction of certain businesses.  Truthfully, she expected to return to Miami within the year... but things just kept cropping up.  It didn't help that New York fell to the Camarilla... or that the alliance between the trio of Archbishops fell apart.  The pack decided to plant roots, expecting that Atlanta could become the frontlines for future wars... and that necessitated someone to pull garrison duty.  Since she couldn't get back to Miami, Samantha brought a piece of Miami culture over to Atlanta.  For a communal haven she choose a bankrupted strip club, reworked it into a nightclub called "Miami's Vice"... and also made it into a fortified haven (panic rooms in the basement, vault doors, increased structural integrity, and secret passages into the old Nossie tunnels).  It even became a profitable business... over time.  Other packs thought Liberty '45 was being overly cautious... and such arrogance cost those packs dearly when the Camarilla made serious efforts to retake Atlanta.  At first it was 'freak accidents', crackdowns by the mortal authorities, daytime raids, and numerous other impediments that thinned out the Sabbat.  Liberty '45 suffered no losses and Samantha tried to flush out the Camarilla forces with a screen of new vampires led by a fleshcrafted Bishop lookalike (not that she told said Bishop of her plan).  Contact was made and the enormity of the invasion force became known.  Liberty '45 did its best to halt the advance, but had to yield territory or face complete destruction.  Sam passed control of Miami's Vice to a loyal catspaw (with instructions to hold it in trust).  Many other Sabbat made last stands or tried to flee the city, all with predictable results.  Samantha made the judgement call to keep Liberty '45 within Atlanta and go to ground in the outskirts.  There were plenty of bad areas to hide within (plus the old Nossie tunnels).  Any new Nosferatu trying to retake the underground areas... disappeared.

Gehenna 2005
Samantha had once preached about the rise of the Ancients in her tenure as Pack Priest... but even Gehenna caught her unprepared.  She suspected something was amiss when the Vaulderie blood ties began to wane, followed by their disciplines becoming unreliable.  Samantha lost contact with all Sabbat outside of her pack.  But when she saw the pictures of New York's 'monster' on TV, a chill ran down her spine.  The End Times were upon them all.  Liberty '45 armed up and stole a light aircraft(and pilot)... hoping to make the final battle at the valley of Hinnom.  Samantha first hand witnessed (from the sky) the rebuilding of Enoch and the slaughtering of countless vampires.  Praying to Caine himself, Samantha gave the order to engage... hoping that a well lobbed explosive might disrupt the blasphemy down below.  However it was in vain... and their aircraft was swatted out of the sky by Typhon himself (ironic indeed, given the pack's past history with the Setites).  The plane came down so hard that it was partially buried in the ground and Samantha remembered nothing else... until a week later when scavengers stirred her from torpor.  The Ancients had already fallen and the withering had likewise departed.  Of her pack, only herself and Hank had survived... the others had been completely pulverized or exposed to the deadly sun.

The Aftermath 2005-Present time
Samantha risked a visit to the decimated ruins to confirm that Gehenna was over (and to make a short prayer to her fallen Sabbat brothers and sisters).  She took a piece of pillar stone as a memento and began the long trek back home to Atlanta (this time via a series of staggered commercial flights).  Despite the loss of so many comrades, Samantha took comfort in the Sabbat's 'victory' over the Antedulivians.  She didn't know what the future would bring, but she could rebuild Liberty '45 and see who else within the Sabbat had survived.  Touching down in Atlanta, Sam and Hank hit the city for a well deserved celebration.  The next night the two surviving Cainites moved back into Miami's Vice, ready to recruit more Cainites into the pack (while Hank began his own training to become the Pack Priest, under Sam's guidance).  It quickly became apparent that Hank's childer were not deformed (but still somehow eerie).  Recruits sired by Samantha did not take very well to sharing their living space.  Samantha wasn't sure what to make of these revelations... but she needed cold bodies, so the defects were tolerated (Hank needed some convincing).  At least the recruits weren't inhibited from exercising their powers or Cainite abilities.  Normally recruits were raised and molded through battle, but with the uncertain political climate Samantha had to settle for 'training' instead... although anybody contesting her turf was fair game.  by the sixth month of Gehenna's passing, Liberty '45 had pushed out or absorbed the gang elements in their area and recruited specific mortal minions.  Although there had been little contact with other factions (such as the Camarilla, Anarchs, and groups of these 'new' vampires), Liberty '45 made no efforts to reignite old conflicts.  Samantha had also formed new personal goals and set about building their foundations...

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