VTM: Endless Night

A Vampire the Masquerade RPG set six months after Gehenna. Some Kindred were left standing, but rebuilding their shattered society is the least of their problems....
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 Catherine Bellamy

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PostSubject: Catherine Bellamy   Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:11 pm


Name: Dr. Catherine Bellamy

Nickname: Some co-workers call her Cat, she doesn't approve.

Age: 33

Humanity: 9

Concept: Snarky Doctor

Nature: Benefactor

Demeanor: Architect

Generation: N/A

Clan: Viata

Affiliation: Unaffiliated

Occupation: Pediatric Oncologist


Height: 5'7

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Blue

Build: Average

General appearance: Catherine is a woman of average height with a slim build and (naturally) very pale skin. She pins her straight, dark red hair into a single braid when on the clock but usually wears it loose when she's out. Her eyes are pale blue. When working she wears the typical physician white coat, but she prefers dressy, classy clothes even when left to her own devices. Jewelry when she wears it is usually restricted to an occasional ring or bracelet.

*Skills and powers*

Languages known: English, some Spanish learned from patients.

General skills: Can swim, drive both automatic and standard vehicles, extensive first aid including stitching wounds and setting broken bones, fully educated and trained Oncologist, but has experience working with other diseases and injuries, can sew, has computer skills at a fairly high level, broad knowledge of biology and anatomy.

Resources: Owns a two bedroom condo, a black Jaguar F-type car, $210,000 yearly salary, more than enough money put into two separate bank accounts to relocate if such becomes necessary.

Disciplines: Katharos 3, Auspex 2, Fortitude


Likes: Classical music, red wine, good Italian food, bubble baths

Dislikes: Smokers, beer, the color pink, politicians

General personality: Catherine is a practical woman with a dry (some would say snarky) sense of humor and a genuine devotion to her chosen field. She's warm and confident when it comes to her area of expertise, and is quite loving and gentle when dealing with children. Outside of work she tends to be a quiet, introspective person that enjoys soaking up the atmosphere of a place more than socializing with others, but she's not a recluse and often goes out to events in the city.

Weaknesses: She can be very stubborn when she feels she's right, and can be stand-offish if someone goes against the way she wants to do things.

Merits: Code of honor

Quirks: Has a secret fondness for reality television, though she'd never admit it

Purpose of the character: To help as many sick people as she can, and to eventually run her own practice.

Character quote or motto: “Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. ”

Background: Catherine was born in 1972 to a wealthy Boston family. The youngest of three siblings, she often acted out in an attempt to get her parents' attention. Her wild behavior eventually got her into trouble, however, when she became pregnant at the age of fifteen. Realizing she was in no way ready to raise a child, and not wanting to saddle her parents with the burden of raising another one, she gave the baby up for adoption. The experience acted as a wake-up call for the girl, and she straightened her life out; pouring her focus into her grades and in making something of herself.

Graduating first college, and then medical school, she ended up at a hospital in Baltimore for her residency. She'd only been practicing full-time for two years when a routine medical evaluation shook the foundation of her entire world; the slight cough she'd dismissed was in actuality a symptom of her stage four lung cancer. All-too familiar with her prognosis for survival, Catherine spiraled into a deep depression, refusing the treatment she knew would more than likely be futile anyway.

Fate had something else in store for her, however, when a colleague appeared on the doorstep of her apartment one night, promising he could save her...

Granted a new chance at life, however different that life might be, Catherine used the reprieve from death to dedicate herself even more fiercely to her work; using the bulk of her free time to hone her skill in Katharos. Whenever possible she used her discipline to save patients, though she had to be careful to not choose too many who could be connected back to her. Even with precautions though, after several months a few people started to ask questions about her 'amazing success rate'. Fearful of eventual exposure, she bought a condo a few states to the south, in Atlanta, after she secured a job at a private Oncology practice.
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Catherine Bellamy
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