VTM: Endless Night

A Vampire the Masquerade RPG set six months after Gehenna. Some Kindred were left standing, but rebuilding their shattered society is the least of their problems....
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 New Breed Disciplines

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PostSubject: New Breed Disciplines   Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:25 pm


* Dazzle- The Kindred conjures one or two small orbs of light that can be used as illumination or thrown at a target's eyes to temporarily blind them (no actual damage is caused).

** Radiance- The vampire can further manipulate the light she conjures; expanding the orbs in size until they can light an area up to 10 feet (if one orb) or 20 feet (if two) across. As with the first level this light doesn't cause damage, but it cancels out both normal shadows and those created and employed in the use of the Obtenebration discipline.

*** Beckon the flame- No longer restricted to the light he could manifest in the beginning, the vampire can now manipulate fire- provided that it is already in existence. He can make it more intense (a small flame into a full-blown blaze), or force a roaring fire down into mere embers. He can also move the fire (vampire must be within fifty feet of the fire), directing it at will.

**** Gift of Prometheus- As with dazzle, the Kindred conjures a small orb into being a few inches above their palm- only this time the orb is fire rather than light. Once manifested this flame can then be manipulated the same as any other using the third level power.

***** Sol's wrath- At first glance, a vampire employing this power looks no different than one using the first level of Aduro- she concentrates and brings into being 1-3 orbs (though the third orb might give an observer pause) into being above her hands, and as with radiance can then direct them to a location of her choosing where they expand in size. This is where that case of mistaken identity can go potentially lethally wrong. The formed space of 10-30 feet across (depending on number of orbs used) is, as far as a vampiric body is concerned, the same as natural sunlight, and will last as long as its creator concentrates on maintaining it.


* Hymn- By singing (or humming if the vampire wants to be more discreet or doesn't have any musical inclination) softly, the kindred places any mortal who hears them into a trance that lasts up to ten minutes. Once entranced the vampire does not have to keep singing/humming in order to maintain the effect, and the mortal does not remember anything that happens after they heard the sound. Note- Actually attacking a person in this trance will rouse them, but feeding itself will not.

** Serenitas- By calling upon this power the kindred can instantly quell anger and violence in everyone in their immediate vicinity- even if they're in the process of attacking someone. Those affected by this ability remember why they're angry (or why they were attacking someone), but they still feel the rage and/or the urge to do violence draining out of them, being replaced by stillness and peace. This lasts until the vampire cancels the effect or leaves the area.

*** Smite- The vampire is capable of projecting blasts of concentrated energy from their hands up to fifty feet away. These deal aggravated damage to vampires with low humanity (5 or less).

**** Benediction- Once a week, the kindred can call upon her inner peace and transfer an intensified version of that serenity to another vampire by laying her hands upon them and activating this power. This can either bring a vampire out of frenzy or, if their humanity is 6 or less, raise it up a point.

*****  Milagros- A truly noble soul is willing to make sacrifices for other people, and this power allows the vampire to do just that. By laying his hands on an injured person and activating this ability, the Kindred can remove their wounds, by absorbing them into his own body. Injuries heal at a vampire's accelerated rate once taken from their original sufferer.


* Fauna's friend- Unlike the inoffensive to animals merit, an animal upon which this power is used becomes more than simply non-aggressive to the vampire- they become affectionate (if intelligent enough to express such a thing) and/or protective of them if not. If used on a single animal only once, the effect wears off after a day. If used on the same animal on three consecutive nights the effect becomes permanent.

** (D)Evolve- Upon placing his hands on an animal and activating this power, a Kindred can affect changes upon it. The easiest change is to increase the animal's intelligence, but if the vampire invests more time and effort into the project he can cause physical changes (these changes must be somewhere within the animal's ancestry/dormant genetic code). For example, a dog can be regressed into a wolf, a wolf can be de-volved (time wise) into a dire wolf, or an especially bored vampire could activate the dormant reptilian genes in a modern bird...ect. This power only works on animals and the changes are permanent.

*** Awakening the beast- With a touch the vampire can draw out the beast hidden under a person's surface- literally. If used on fellow Kindred who possess high enough Protean/Bestia levels, it forces them into their preferred animal form. If the vampire is old clan and doesn't possess either discipline or has it at too low a level to shape shift, they frenzy. If used on a human ghoul, the vampiric vitae in their system is dramatically strengthened- in terms of healing, strength, and abilities they are for the duration of the power equal to a young vampire (their disciplines are the same as whatever clan/bloodline's blood has given them their ghoul status, only at one level lower than their domitor). The ghoul is not, however, a true vampire, and is thus still physically a living being and is not impacted by sunlight. The effect lasts for 24 hours unless renewed. If a ghoul is unwilling to be `augmented' in such a fashion the vampire can still force it on them, but there is a chance for unpleasant side-effects (depending on what type of vampire vitae the ghoul is being powered by they can gain an animalistic feature, permanent fangs, blood-thirst, ect...).

**** Metamorphosis- Like the protean power shape of the beast, this level grants the vampire the ability to take animal form. Unlike shape of the beast however, the Kindred is not restricted to a single fight and a single flight form, rather they can assume any animal shape within a reasonable size range (house cat to big cat size for land form, small bird to eagle-size for flying form).

***** Curse of the beast- At this level the vampire has such complete mastery over the realm of beasts and shape shifting that she can turn people into them. With a touch the Kindred can will their target into an animal form of their choosing (subject to the same size limits as the level 4 power). On a mortal target this effect is permanent unless reversed by the vampire who cast it (or another vampire with the same ability), for a vampire or augmented ghoul it wears off within a specific span of hours (for an augmented ghoul 24 hours, for a vampire...12 hours).


* Healing touch- The vampire can heal virtually any sickness or injury simply by laying her hands upon the target and employing this power. The more severe the wounds/disease, the longer it takes to repair and the more strength it takes from the healer. (This power does not work on the vampire herself, only on others, and it only cures sickness and closes up/repairs wounds, it cannot yet restore missing body parts).

** Regeneration- The kindred can now regrow missing eyes, severed limbs, restore scar tissue to smooth skin, even force a body to replace stolen blood. (It has limits though...a severed head, for instance *can* be regrown, but it will not bring the person back to life). Note- This power only affects physical maladies.

*** Restoration- The vampire can now heal mental and emotional conditions as well as physical ones...from removing addictions, to curing derangements and other psychiatric traumas. Note- For mortals this healing is permanent, for Kindred (such as a Malkavian) it lasts for a month until it must be healed again.

**** Purify- By laying hands on a subject the kindred can remove any toxin or foreign material from the body (poisons, drugs, bullets, etc). At this level the vampire can also reverse deformities, whether they are natural or supernatural in origin (Tzimisce flesh crafting, Gangrel animal features, Corpse-like appearances brought on by low humanity, etc). In the case of Nosferatu deformities the length of time the vampire's face and body remains restored depends on their humanity level; Low humanity (0-5) the changes revert after a week, middle-ground humanity (6-7) the change lasts a month, high humanity (8-10) the changes are permanent (or until their humanity level drops).

***** Resurrection- The healer can now restore life itself to a dead body, even their own. For animals and humans the victim must not have been dead for over a day and the body must be mostly intact (decapitated bodies, for example, must have their heads regenerated before this is performed on them. If a body has been burned to ashes it cannot be resurrected). If used on themselves or another vampire, their body is alive in every way for a period of three days, after which it reverts to its vampiric state unless the power is used again to continue the effect. During this time the vampire does not need blood, can eat and digest normal food and drink, can walk in the sunlight with no ill effects, and can even father/conceive mortal children (obviously, if the female vampire becomes pregnant during this temporary state of life, she must keep renewing it if she wants to carry the child to term, as allowing her body to revert to its true state will cause an automatic miscarriage). In mechanical terms the vampire under the effect of this power is an augmented ghoul rather than an ordinary human, and though they can still use their disciplines in this state, only Katharos can be used at their full level (else they couldn't renew the effect), their other disciplines are reduced one level until their body returns fully to its vampiric nature.


* Premonition: The character receives a vague premonition when they or someone around them is in danger. It applies only to their immediate surroundings, and only to imminent danger. It grants sufficient warning for the Kindred to take some action or shout a warning.

** Hindsight- The character gets flashes or impressions of a person’s recent past when they touch them. These impressions are vague, giving a sense of the person's activities and their surroundings, not necessarily a "Demon Hunter X was HERE."

*** Foreshadowing- With this power, the seer receives a hazy vision of the next major event in a subject's life, along with a sense of the two most likely possible outcomes. It does not include any knowledge of how to influence events toward one course or the other, nor does it offer insight into the seer's own future.

**** Precognition- Vampire receives a vision of an event that will be important to them (though not necessarily dangerous) or someone they have close emotional ties to. This event will never be more than a month ahead in the future.

***** Vision- At this level, the character's visions expand to include events that are less personal to them, and more distant in the future; the further in the future the events glimpsed, the more vague the meaning of the vision. Events further than a year in the future will only be glimpsed in the vaguest and haziest ways, accompanied by a sense of dread or wonder.


* Reverie- By exerting a subtle mental influence on their target, the vampire can lull them into a light, daydreaming state where their defenses are down. This can allow the user to slip past the target without being seen or noticed, or to allow them to get closer to them without being detected. Pain or loud noises will disrupt this effect.

** Slumber- With a touch the vampire sends the target into a full, deep sleep. The vampire can then feed from the sleeping victim (simply feeding on them will not wake them up, but violently attacking/inflicting serious injury will), wait until they enter REM sleep, or simply leave them.

*** Dreamwalk- By focusing intently on a sleeping target, the vampire can enter a trance-like state and enter their dreams in order to communicate with/warn them, ect. While in this state (much like a Toreador entranced by beauty, the Kindred is completely vulnerable until he or she comes to).

**** Dream craft- At this level of Morphis a vampire can not only enter another person's dreams, they can manipulate them to their liking- exerting complete control over the entered dreamscape in whatever way they desire to either positive or negative effects. (Note- this vampire must still be in the same trance-like state as required by the previous level, and if the target becomes distressed or frightened enough he/she can force themselves awake to escape the dream. The vampire can physically hurt the target inside the dream, but this will only cause emotional distress and fear to the victim, not actual harm to their body).

***** Sleep Walker- A vampire with this power can forcibly keep their target asleep and dreaming if they choose to, but beyond that, they can mentally take possession of the sleeper's body- controlling it remotely until they relinquish control over it. In this manner the entranced Kindred can force the target to go where they want (or come to them), ect. The dreamer cannot be used to attack anyone, and will be freed prematurely from the control if they are physically harmed. The vampire psychically sees from their target's body even though his/her eyes are closed, and must be within a mile of them in order to use this power.


* Sense the truth- Vampire knows if the target is telling the truth or not. This works on humans and vampires alike. User must touch target. Note- If the target *believes* they are telling the truth, it will register as the truth to this ability.

** Liar's tongue- Upon touching a target and activating this power, the subject is unable to lie for the next hour. If they attempt to tell a lie their tongue feels like its on fire- causing them intense pain until they either speak truthfully or stop talking. Note- Nothing happens to them if they simply refrain from speaking in the first place.

*** Shield- When needed, the kindred can summon a spherical shield into being around her body. This barrier glows blue and looks like lightning or electricity for a few moments, and then becomes invisible. It protects the vampire from all physical damage (except sunlight), but only lasts for about ten minutes before dissipating. The shield is mobile and moves with the vampire.

**** Monarch's call- The kindred possessing this ability can send out a powerful telepathic summons in a city-wide radius to everyone she considers to be beholden to her. If someone does indeed feel loyalty to the vampire in question they will automatically act to respond to the psychic call- knowing instinctively where to go but not precisely why...just that they feel a sense of great urgency to get there. If one of the summoned does not possess any true loyalty to the summoner, they will feel the summons, but are not forced to respond to it (thus `outing' themselves as a pretender if they do not answer, which might be impetus enough to play along with it).

***** Judge the damned- By laying their hands upon a vampire of especially low humanity the kindred possessing this power can proclaim their crimes and render judgment. If the vampire in question IS truly guilty of these accused crimes and is beyond saving, they are instantly killed- becoming ash under the judge's hands. (Note- Vampires with humanity levels 0-2 are guaranteed to be killed


* Geomancy- By concentrating and activating this power the vampire is granted a supernatural awareness of all the earth below her feet up to a mile away from her. This allows her to detect anomalies in the area so scanned, such as underground water, holes, passages, as well as sense the location of buried objects and approximately what size and shape they are. While scanning in such a manner the kindred is oblivious to her surroundings. Note- This ability is capable of sensing the presence of earth-melded vampires.

** Shifting soil- With the same ease her Tzimisce forebears shaped flesh; the kindred can shape earth with a simple touch. This allows her to effortlessly tunnel through sand, mud, dirt and clay.

*** Shape the stone- At this level, stone and metal flow under the vampire's fingers as easily as soft earth still does, giving him almost complete mastery over the element. Note- Artificial materials such as plastic are not affected.

**** Alchemical touch- With this ability the vampire can alter the fundamental nature of the materials he touches; allowing him to change things from one substance to another (one type of soil to another, one gem to another, metal to another, ect ect).

***** Quake- The kindred has attained such a degree of mastery over the ground beneath his feet that by concentrating and calling upon this power she can cause tremors and earthquakes. The size and power of this event depends on how intently the vampire is focusing- if her concentration is disrupted she runs the risk of her attempt failing or, even worse, of happening out of her control. If she is uninterrupted and focused, however, she is capable of a remarkable degree of precision with this ability; and can do something as specific as opening a razor-fine rift at the feet of an enemy to generating an extremely localized earthquake in an area from less than one to up to five miles.


Note: not related to the Spiritus discipline of the (now extinct) Ahrimane bloodline

* Spirit sight- This ability allows the vampire to passively sense the presence of ghosts, and once activated, to see them as well. The kindred can turn off this visual aspect of the power if what he sees disturbs him too much, but he will always be able to feel their presence if they're still in close proximity to him. While this ghostly vision is active, he can receive mental impressions from a spirit, but cannot hear what they're saying (though if he has any skill in reading lips he might be able to figure out what they're trying to communicate verbally).

** Soul speech- Becoming more attuned to the other plane, the kindred can now both see and hear ghosts when this power is active, and able to be heard by them as well...though anyone without this discipline will be oblivious to one half of the conversation, and might well think them odd for talking to someone who `isn't there'.

*** Channel- If she so wills it, the vampire can allow a ghost to enter her body and speak through her voice. This is not possession, since the spirit is not able to take full control of the medium's body, but it will allow the ghost to talk to other people (if they want to) who are not otherwise able to do so.

**** Manifest- The kindred can now, by activating this power and touching a ghost, bring them into a temporary state of physical manifestation where they can be seen, heard, and touched by other people. This solid phase will last anywhere from a few minutes (5 to 10) if the spirit was unwilling, to up to an hour if they were. If the ghost was/is hostile, they can be harmed in this state, and if their `body' is `killed', they automatically pass on from their ghostly realm to the true afterlife.

***** Release the troubled shade- By simply laying her hand on the ethereal being of an unmanifested ghost, the vampire can free them from their earthbound existence...whether they are willing or not. This ability also allows the kindred to free souls from other forms of earthly imprisonment- from someone locked in a permanent vegetative state or coma, to other vampires if they are willing (it doesn't work on a fellow kindred if they're not) and want to pass on. If another vampire wants to die and set their soul free, the medium touches them and they die instantly and painlessly (their body crumbling into ash); their soul floating free to go to wherever they're meant to (this is a way of granting mercy kills as well).


* Call the mist- Simply by willing it so the vampire can summon a thick, low-laying fog to himself- concealing his presence or allowing him to make a discreet escape. This mist is fairly localized once called- covering an area generally 1/4 of a mile or less.

** Cloak the sky- The kindred can now, through intent concentration, control the movement of clouds within a mile of her area- making the sky cloud over (or causing them to uncover the local sky if, say, the illumination of moonlight is needed), or keeping bothersome weather away by directing the clouds containing the storm in another direction.

*** Rain's release- Advancing beyond just moving fog and clouds, the vampire can now more deeply manipulate them- being able to cause a gentle rain (or snow) to begin falling just by focusing on the clouds and activating this power. This weather affects an area up to two miles in diameter.

**** Storm's fury- The kindred has attained almost complete mastery over the elements and can cause (or stop) all but the most powerful of weather conditions (fog, rain, snow, winds, up to moderate thunderstorms with small hail) in a radius of up to three miles around her immediate area.

***** Act of god- The vampire's control of the weather has grown strong enough to command severe weather events...including hurricanes up to category 3 and tornadoes up to EF 2 (storms more powerful than that are beyond the user's ability to control, but with enough effort it is still possible that they could keep them from coming into his area of influence...which at this point is an area of up to five miles around him).


* Pause- As the name suggests, the kindred who uses this power chooses a single target and 'pauses' them briefly in time- during which they have no awareness of what's going on around them (though if they were looking at the kindred before the pause they will still remember them standing there when it ends). The pause affects both mortals and fellow kindred, but only lasts about thirty seconds.

** Freeze frame- By activating this power the vampire can now stop time in the area immediately surrounding him (up to ten feet away) - affecting anyone and anything within range. This lasts about a minute (or until he consciously cancels the effect).

*** Stasis- By touching her target and calling upon this ability the kindred places it in a state of suspended animation- locked in that same moment in time it was when the power was used on it. This effect lasts until the user (or another vampire possessing the same level of Tempus) touches the target again and cancels it. While in stasis the target (if living) does not age, does not require air, food, or water, and is impervious to damage, but they *are* frozen, and thus cannot take any actions until they are released from that state.

**** Rewind/fast forward- Having moved beyond merely stopping time in a localized area, the vampire can now move an object (or person) backwards or forwards in time. This is easier for inanimate objects (such as touching a lock and moving it forward in time until it rusts off) than on living creatures. Objects can be aged (or youthened) up to 10 years per use, but living (or unliving ) targets require far more effort and concentration to affect in such a manner, and can only be moved forwards or backwards a maximum of one year at a time.

***** Reset- The vampire can now move inanimate objects forwards and backwards in time with virtually no limits (she could, for example, take an ancient piece of jewelry into her hand and move it backwards in time until it becomes `new' again). Creatures and people still require a far greater degree of effort and focus, but the kindred's ability is now more advanced, and he can move a living thing forward or backward in time at a rate of up to a decade per hour spent concentrating on and staying in physical contact with his subject.


* Fae form- The vampire can call upon his progenitor's infused heritage to the point that he can shift his entire body into a fae-like shape of his own choosing (one kindred might want to make herself more beautiful so as to lure in a potential victim, another might opt for a fearsome appearance in order to frighten away a would-be assailant).

** Satyr's kiss- By touching her lips to a mortal's skin, the vampire can induce a sudden, extremely powerful state of arousal in them, which lasts up to two hours or until the need is sated. Note that this lust is purely physical and has no effect on the target's emotions. If the subject was already attracted to the vampire, this power obviously makes seducing (and feeding from) them very easy, but if the target was hostile towards or afraid of the kindred beforehand, they will still be physically affected, but their anger or fear will probably intensify in response to the unnatural (and unwanted) attraction.

*** Shadow step- The kindred's sole remaining connection to the shadows manifests in the ability to travel instantly from one to another without crossing the space between (the vampire `steps into' aka merges with a nearby shadow and can then emerge from any other shadow up to a mile away). While between shadows the vampire is immune to damage but beyond sensing where he is cannot discern anything else. The kindred can only transport himself and any objects on his person with this power.

**** Siren's tear- Upon activating this power a vampire can place one of her tears into food or liquid and, if consumed by another person, will force them to fall immediately and intensely in love with her. This artificial love lasts for a full day and night until it fades (or is renewed with the consumption of another magical tear).

***** Hollow hill- The vampire gains the truly fae-like ability to create a room (size and shape is of the kindred's choosing) that exists outside of normal space and time. This room exists until the kindred wills it to vanish (or said vampire is destroyed), but the entrance must be connected in some way to the normal physical world (An opening in an actual hill, a door in an ordinary closet or attic...etc). The kindred can expand upon their creation at the rate of one room per night. Aside from the door to the mortal world, sunlight cannot penetrate a structure `built' in such a fashion, and living things brought inside it do not age, though they still require food and water in order to survive.
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New Breed Disciplines
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